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What material is the Backpacks made of

There are several kinds of materials for backpacks.


Leather is made by physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning. It is resistant to spoilage and is soft and supple when the weather is dry. The leather-made backpack bag is more contoured in shape, the style is more concise, and the color is mostly based on the stable dark color. It can be used for matching suits, etc., which retains the temperament and adds fashion sense. Mature men They are worth starting.


Canvas is a thicker cotton fabric that was named after the eight-century Nordic Vikings originally used it for sails. The texture of the canvas is firm, wear-resistant, tight and thick, and has a certain waterproofness. The backpack bags made of canvas fabric is rarely limited in style, print and color, so the canvas backpack bag is fashionable and full of energy, and it is easy to match the most popular fashion trend on the street.


Nylon is the first synthetic fiber in the world. It has good wear resistance and dust resistance. It was widely used in stockings, clothing, carpets, ropes, fishing nets and other fields during World War II. Nylon fabrics are often used to make outdoor sports backpacks because they are durable and easy to care. They are one of the indispensable equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Today, the shape of the nylon backpack has gradually become fashionable.


Polyester is commonly used in the backpacks, which is a cheaper material than Nylon, cost effective.



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