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How to know the difference between denim and canvas?

When we first take a look at two different fabrics, we may understand how to distinguish the difference by comparing them by existing samples. But, what makes the difference and how to tell the difference? The following article may help you in telling the differences.


Canvas is one of the most durable fabrics, lighter than traditional canvas, and so tightly woven as to be waterproof. It is washable, and usually resistant to the effects of wind and snag. Canvas fabric is made from cotton, and has a tight weave which makes the product somewhat stiff, accomplished by using two yarns in the warp and one in the weft.

Denim is long and hard-wearing, though generally considered not as durable as canvas, resists tears, and creases easily. Denim, unlike canvas, softens with wear, and does not retain dyes as well. Denim fabric has a twill weave that includes an un-dyed weft and dyed warp, usually in dark purple blue.


There are several types of canvas fabric, including light and heavy canvas, as well as army canvas and blended canvas. Army canvas is fashioned to military specifications, and woven extraordinarily tightly to create superior durability, and always water and mildew proofed. It is one of the top quality fabrics used for tents.

Denim comes in a wide range of types, including stretch denim, which is woven with 2 percent Spandex, and poly denim, in which the cotton is blended with polyester to produce a lighter, easier to clean fabric.



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