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How to Clean a Waterproof Backpack

1, if your backpack is contaminated with soil, dust or sweat, we recommend that firstly use a dry soft brush to remove the dust on the backpack then rinse with water.

2, if there is oil stain on the backpack, you can use the bath lotion or shampoo to clean instead then rinse by water, then put in a cool place to dry naturally. Remember don’t place it under the sun exposure, because the fiber is likely to get hardening and embitterment from UV.

3, after days of long travel, remember to clean the backpack; firstly soak it for about 30 minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water, so as to avoid the small creatures, or rotten leaves in the bear system cause mold or breeding of bacteria in the backpack.

4, if backpack surface, that’s the waterproof layer is damaged, spray with a professional anti-splashing agent when the backpack is not completely dry. After spraying professional outdoor waterproofing agent, your backpack’s water repellent function will be the same as the new one!



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